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Age-Defying Ritual + Gel Cleanser

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  • Gel Cleanser 100mL
  • Perfect Toner 150mL
  • Water Bomb Face Cream 50g
  • Halo Vitamin C Serum 30mL
  • Green Envy AHA Serum 30mL

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LEITIN's Complete Age-Defying Ritual, a refined skincare collection carefully crafted to turn back the clock and revitalise your skin. Within this collection, you'll find our Gel Cleanser along with 4 invigorating routines that deeply restore, rejuvenate and and hydrate your skin.

This set includes: Gel Cleanser 100ml, Perfect Toner 150ml, Water Bomb Face Cream 50g, Halo Vitamin C Serum 30mL, Green Envy AHA Serum 30mL